OUR MISSION is to bring consumers the most affordable, effective, and quality lab-tested CBD so you know that you can trust each Canna Peaks purchase.


Canna Peaks began as a passion project for a few CBD lovers who had seen the effects of CBD make major positive changes in their own lives. The desire to bring the best CBD products possible affordably to the marketplace is at the heart of what we do.

Starting from the source, we sought out the best quality USA grown organic hemp and used the purest, cleanest extraction methods to create Canna Peaks’ premiere CBD products. Our CBD rich products include oils, capsules, protein powders, and topical products. Canna Peaks is the brand you can trust for CBD!

CBD Canna Peaks Cream


CBD, or cannabidiol, is the most abundant cannabinoid (or chemical compound) found in the hemp plant. CBD rich hemp is safe, legal, and effective for supplementing many common ailments, such as pain, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. Made with USA grown organically sourced industrial hemp from Kentucky and Colorado, our CBD undergoes the purest form of CO2 extraction available so that the result is ultra-concentrated hemp CBD. Canna Peaks uses the highest quality MCT oil to allow the CBD to shine, and tests every batch with the nation’s most reputable labs to ensure top quality.


With so many companies popping up to sell CBD, it’s no wonder consumers are often confused, and unsure of what type and who to buy their CBD from.

As a leading source of CBD from plant to bottle, Canna Peaks’ core mission is to bring the most affordable, efficacious and quality tested CBD to the burgeoning CBD market. From our world class tinctures and salves to our superfood CBD wellness powders and edibles, you know that with Canna Peaks you’re getting the highest quality, premium, and trusted CBD products.

We test every batch of CBD from the most recognized laboratories in the nation and ship our lab test with every order to ensure your confidence in efficacy with Canna Peaks CBD. Not only are we the most affordable CBD company in the world guaranteed, we also give 2 day free priority shipping on every order! You know that with Canna Peaks that’s how easy, convenient, safe and affordable buying CBD should be. 


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